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We Killed the Hubble!

Wow, a million years since a sketchblog update. Ahhhg, terrible. I…

We Killed the Hubble!

This is a sketchblog by Faith Erin Hicks, nem0 and Adam Boorman. We post sketches here, ranging from finished coloured pieces to doodles on the back of napkins. This blog is image heavy, but nothing wider than 500px is posted. Feel free to comment expansively on the artwork. We enjoy it.

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Wow, a million years since a sketchblog update. Ahhhg, terrible. I just haven't been drawing much that isn't comics, tho. Anyway.

My boyfriend and I were watching an anime called K-on, which I thought was the most adorable thing I'd ever seen. Some of the earlier episodes have an interesting proportion style with the characters (it fluctuated as the season went along), so I had to give it a try with Jun and Cassie.
  • Ooo, nice, the proportion definitely fits your style. I definitely remember K-On although at first I was thinking Project A-Ko, which is quite different. They are quite adorable, of course, I'd say it's something to experiment with. Very nice!
  • Hmm haven't seen that one, will have to check it out.

    Another really cute anime that's got great backgrounds is Kamichu, you can watch all the episodes on youtube right now if you search around a bit.
  • H-hi, uh. I read The War at Ellesmere not too long ago and absolutely adored it. The fun, witty writing + your gorgeous drawings/inks = something beautiful. I'm looking to get my hands on your Zombies Calling soon as well, because I think you're basically amazing.

    So...yes! Thank you for being so talented, and making such nice things 8)
  • (Anonymous)
    Ooh, nice shape to the legs and overall style. :) Markers?

  • (Anonymous)
    K-on! art looks nice, but seriously...
    This anime will melt your brain.
    My friend tried it...
    Will have to find a new friend now.
    But this style seems to suit you well, especially with the redhead.
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