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We Killed the Hubble!

A couple of sketches. I'm going to try to be better about…

We Killed the Hubble!

This is a sketchblog by Faith Erin Hicks, nem0 and Adam Boorman. We post sketches here, ranging from finished coloured pieces to doodles on the back of napkins. This blog is image heavy, but nothing wider than 500px is posted. Feel free to comment expansively on the artwork. We enjoy it.

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A couple of sketches. I'm going to try to be better about consistently drawing and posting stuff, as I feel like I've become very out of touch with the fun sketching part of drawing. :P It's hard to keep things fun when drawing is your job.

Watching Lost, I guess.

Bum! A couple people noticed the different inking. I just switched to a pilot fineliner (which I previously inked most of D101 with), as it forces me to pay more attention to attractive shapes in the figure I'm drawing, as opposed to the brushpen, which allows me to be sloppy, and thus lazy. :P
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