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We Killed the Hubble!

Ellsmere + 20th C Boys

We Killed the Hubble!

This is a sketchblog by Faith Erin Hicks, nem0 and Adam Boorman. We post sketches here, ranging from finished coloured pieces to doodles on the back of napkins. This blog is image heavy, but nothing wider than 500px is posted. Feel free to comment expansively on the artwork. We enjoy it.

Ellsmere + 20th C Boys

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It is just TERRIBLE how I haven't updated this sketchblog in forever. Ahhg. You guys are still here, right? Nobody's abandoned me? Really sorry about this. Crazy couple of months, but now I'm getting back into regular sketching (or trying to), so hopefully there won't be such an awful lapse again.

Ellsmere, Year Two. Everybody has a growth spurt!

Sketches of Kanna from 20th Century Boys by Naoki Urasawa. If you haven't yet read this series, GET THEE TO A COMIC BOOK STORE! ... or book store, whatever. Book stores stock manga, right? One thing I absolutely LOVE about Urasawa is that while he doesn't have many female characters in his various series (Monster, Pluto, 20th C Boys), what few women/girls there are are well fleshed out, liveable, likeable (or hate-able) characters. They are never "just" the love interest or a female character thrown in because you have to have at least one female characters. I don't know what he has planned for Kanna, but I LOVE her, just as I love Nina/Anna from Monster and Uran from Pluto. I think there's a real lesson in there for writers who work within a gendered genre, writing comics for specifically boys or girls: you don't have to sacrifice characters of one gender to appeal to readers of the other gender. And that goes to both male and female writers. Never have a character be just a love interest, or just the token guy/girl. Make them a living breathing character of depth, and your readers will love you for it.
  • Are you planning to make another Ellsmere book?
    • Maybe someday. When I'm rich and don't have to worry about paying bills. :D
      • Ah. Your "year 2" sketches kind of suggest a sequel, you know. Which would be cool to see, hint hint. :)
  • These look lovely! More Ellesmere is always good to see, and this Kanna looks great as well! You always have such good personality to your characters, it's really remarkable.
  • (Anonymous)
    Ellesmere, year two? Are you doing this? If so, I'm excited!

    And yes! to the Kanna comment.

  • (no subject) - quietrevolution
    • I just finished reading volume 5. What's been published, basically. I think she's fantastic, tho. I hope she doesn't die! I think that series is going to go super dark.
  • Here here, about gender politics. I struggle with this every day of my comics life; avoiding tokenism and making certain that every character--male and female--has an independent life of its own. A character may be the boy/girlfriend of a more primary character, but still needs to have a firm identity and reason to exist outside of flattering another character.

    Also, I just checked 20 Century Boys vol. 1 out of the public library (I love paying taxes) and I'm looking forward to immersing myself in Urasawa's world. Sorry, I never made it past Volume 4 of Monster!
    • Try Pluto too. Monster seems slow compared to those two series, but I still think it's brilliant.
  • Still here! .__.

    *digs your inking skills
  • (Anonymous)
    Ellsmere sequel would be nice to see, but of course the comic making process takes a long time. :)

    Thinking of fleshing out Emily's minions a bit? That was the one gripe I had with the book - I know you made a joke of the fact they were stock 'minion' characters, but when Emily got punished and they didn't for what they did to Jun, when they were the ones who actually carried it out... eh, it kind of didn't ring true. Awesome book, though.
    • Emily's minions were directly inspired by Azula's sidekicks in Season 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender. In season 2 they didn't have much character development, but they did in season 3. So maybe if I get the chance to do another Ellsmere book, I can fulfill your request. :)
  • I also hope that another Ellesmere book comes out. If I ever get super rich I'll pay you to do it.
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