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We Killed the Hubble!

Knitting isn't really interesting me right now, but being with a…

We Killed the Hubble!

This is a sketchblog by Faith Erin Hicks, nem0 and Adam Boorman. We post sketches here, ranging from finished coloured pieces to doodles on the back of napkins. This blog is image heavy, but nothing wider than 500px is posted. Feel free to comment expansively on the artwork. We enjoy it.

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Knitting isn't really interesting me right now, but being with a group of people is (considering I work in Artist Solitude), so I sat and doodled tonight while everyone else did things with yarn. Hopefully they won't cast me out! That could almost qualify as a knitting joke...

Outfit ideas... I'm very interested in clothing at the moment. :P
  • Oh wow, definitely a thinner line than I'm used to seeing, allowing for a bit more detail to shine through. Nice! I hope to see these folk in something soon?

    I despise knitting, and I've tried it. I had to class on knitting as an art student. Really? I got a nice C+ in that class...

    Crocheting is fun though, much easier!
  • Feels like a Kate Beaton influence in the linework and sketchy-feel.
  • I do quite enjoy the outfits in all of these!
  • meep!

    cute jumper overload! squeeee *falls off chair*
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